AJA - 0.5g Cartridge & Battery Kit - Chill

Manufacturer: AJA
SKU: 810354030123

Each package contains one non-refillable, cannabis distillate cartridge with integrated mouthpiece, one battery, and one USB charger with an LED lamp to indicate charging status. The battery delivered charged, is buttonless and breathe-to-activate. It has a “stylus tip” suitable for use as a pointer on the screens of smartphones. The concentrate is extracted with CO2 from the pesticide-free feedstock. The extract is winterized with ethanol to remove fats and lipids, reducing viscosity. Terpenes and natural flavorings are added as a final step. No thinning agents or colorings are added. The cartridge heating element is ceramic, wrapped in cotton, with 1.2 mm holes. The cotton is used to wick concentrate from the cartridge. The hole sizes are matched to the viscosity of the concentrate. The cartridges, battery, and charger all have industry-standard 510 threads. The battery can be attached to either the cartridge or the charger. We do not recommend charging the battery with third-party chargers. The cartridge will perform best (have the correct viscosity) at room temperature.

*Percentages may vary by batch*

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